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Important Features

How It Works



On the Top you have some platform summaries.

By default filter is set to match with user blood type. You can opt to see all requests in your country or specific blood types.

App active requests are displayed here.

User can see how many donors have opted to help. 'Sort by Donor Count' reorders the request list to requests with lowest to highest donor response.

More details lists down all details for that request that the requester has entered.

Donors can click the donate button to show interest to help a requester. Once the button is clicked, it is greyed out and not clickable again.


User Profiles

There are 2 Types of Users: General and Organization

During Signup, you can select 'Donor' if you want to donate or remain as a non donor. Only donor type users will get notifications when a request is created matching their details.

In the home screen user can see all requests matching their country and blood type, view all requests in their country or filter by a specific blood type request in their country.

Users are able to veiw events created by Organizations and can click 'Interested' if they would like ot attend. The users Name and email are shared with the organizer when they click 'interested'

Users can update their country, city and other profile details from the update profile screen.



All General users can create blood requests. However, only donors can see blood requests.

Once a request is created, all registerred donors that match the country and blood type will get notified that there is a request matching their details.

A donor can click the 'Donate' button and the requester will be notified that someone wants to help. The requester will receive the donors Name, Email and Phone contact.

Requesters are able to manage their requests and see donor details.



Only Organization type users are able to create and manage events.

The organizer will be able to see the Name and Email of everyone who clicked 'Interested' on their event.

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